The Beat Box Boys – Yum Yum (Eat ‘Em Up)

Leave it to Fraternity Music to once again bring us the gems that you need for that record bag. Enter a collaboration between Fraternity Music and Meno-Vision. Meno-Vision was a record label that may have ahd a short shelf life at the time, but has been revered by collectors and DJs over the years. “Yum Yum (Eat ‘Em Up)” has that ’80’s hip hop drum machine sound to it, and even with the talents of Bobby Orlando, this is definitely one that you may have forgotten. However, as soon as the needle is dropped, you’ll the remember its infectious, tough beats and why the record is so good (and played by many DJs in the know at the time). Closely related audio wise to The Art of Noise’s “Beat Box”, it’s a super dope cut that DJs will most definitely want to get their hands on. Going even further, it’s taken the title from The Little Rascals “The Kid From Borneo”, but that’s another rabbit hole for you to go down Spanky. Featuring, as always, an Undercover Brother edit, this exclusive collaboration is one that you should not let pass. But wait, the U.B. is not done. Flip it over and you’ll get “Set Me Free” by Teen Rock, an even deeper cut with a special Dub edit by the UB, plus post production by The Latin Rascals. The labels closely represent the originals, and the sleeves are custom and crispy, something that you’ll be seeing a lot on these Fraternity releases. Not only are Fraternity in the know about these classic (and sometimes obscure) records, they do a hell of a job preserving the integrity of both the music and the product.

Here’s the original, you’ll get an idea of the record if you haven’t ever heard it:

Get the record here.

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