Boca 45 “Forty Five” LP

The funky music machine known as Boca 45 has got a new release. This time, it’s a long player, not a 45, but entitled Forty Five. Got that? It’s an entire album that documents his forty five years on earth musically. It’s packed full of collaborations with notables such as DJ Woody, Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller, Ben Salisbury, Louis Baker, Emskee, Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian, and Gee Ealey. It’s a personal touch from the artist, who wrote the very comprehensive liner notes, detailing each track, etc. and had his teenage twin sons design the album cover sleeve as well. All Boca 45s on deck for this release! It will be out on Mass Appeal (Nas, Run The Jewels, DJ Shadow) in July, however, he’ll be selling 300 limited edition pieces in advance to folks who have supported Boca in the past and bought his long list of vinyl goodies directly from him. This one is also on red wax and hand numbered, different than the black wax from Mass Appeal in a few months. Here’s some other details about the record:

•Forty Five LP Shrink Wrapped (Red Vinyl)
•High Quality Egg Shell Art Print hand stamped & numbered (of 300) to correspond which number LP you have.
•A mix CD only ever available with this LTD release called “Forty Five Inspirations” which features 45 tracks which inspired the LP.

Album Track List:

1/ Forty Five
2/ Energy Boost ft. Emskee
3/ Soul On Top ft. Louis Baker
4/ Bryan Munich Theme
5/ Open Minds
6/ White Blue & Red ft. Sergio Pizzorno
7/ The Roxy ft. Emskee
8/ Move A Mountain ft. Louis Baker
9/ Home Cooking ft. DJ Woody
10/ BMT Reprise
11/ Lonely ft. Gee, G. Ealey
12/ ALTZ ft. Parker

Two Minute Teaser:

Forty Five Inspirations:

He’s also got some dope shirts too, so do not sleep if you dig the forty five style!

Get the package here.

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