Kabasa – African Sunset

If you have been a fan of the BBE discography over the years, you know that they are one of the few that really dig far, far out there to bring us back some of the best and rarest records out there. They, along with Mr. Bongo (plus a few others) are always on a mission to consistently give us music we definitely have not heard before. such is the case with this banger from the South African outfit Kabasa and their rare full length African Sunset. Originally out on the Lyncell Records label in 1982, BBE have brought it back for newer generations to listen to, generating a whole new audience of people to groove to their music. Formed in Soweto and made up of vocalist and bassist Tata “TNT” Sibeko, guitarist Robert “Doc” Mthalane (the Jimi Hendrix of South Africa) and percussionist Oupa Segwai, they had the distinct pleasure of being the first local black pop outfit to make an appearance on South African television in their former band afro-rock Harari. They would continue to release their brand of African music with Kabasa. This particular record, Kabasa’a third, would be the last that the band would record, and features added percussionist/ flautist Mabote “Kelly” Petlane. With the sounds of psychedelic afro rock, funk, jazz, even drawing off of disco, the combination of tough songwriting and unstoppable grooves has let this record to be on many a want list. The band itself didn’t draw too much attention to themselves as financially the record didn’t do that well, however, their political and socioeconomic songwriting stood the test of time, and this cult classic in its original form (nearly impossible to find) goes for quite a bit of cash. It’s great to see BBE reissuing it so we can all get a taste of that honey. And when we say honey, we mean great sounds throughout. Our fave track is ‘African Sunset”. That flute! It’s an interesting record all the way through to say the least, full of flavor and early ’80’s grooves. This remastered record features original artwork, and by all means should be in your collection. Check out the track “Rainbow Children” below.

Pre-order the record, out on BBE May 24th.

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