Bobby Oroza – Lonely Girl

If you’ve been stuck in traffic somewhere, really too much into GOT, or just have not been paying proper attention, then you are actually missing some very important music that has been coming out lately. One of the releases, Bobby Oroza’s This Love Lp, has been sizzling since the first play. What’s really great about it, is not just that it’s proper soul, but each track is a testament to the creativity of the artist and of the label, Big Crown. They’ve just released a new video for “Lonely Girl”, and it’s dope from the jump off. Featuring the movements of Agave L’amour while Bobby Oroza does his thing, the entire video is a thing of beauty. About the 2:50 mark, the break down, which is just percussion and guitar, is so damn beautiful, and when it couldn’t get better, Oroza jumps back in with the vocals to take the thing higher and higher. Filmed in Brooklyn, directed by Big Crown’s own Danny Akalepse and edited by Leon Michels, this work of art is a blueprint on how modern soul records and videos are made. Honestly, big Crown have found their groove with stable of the artists and of course everything that goes with them. These last few videos from Oroza have been top notch (just like the music), so we say keep it going Big Crown, you’re showing everyone else how it’s done. Check out the video below and then get more info and order the full length after. Soul music is alive and well in Brooklyn.

More info and get the record from Big Crown here.

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