The Family Daptone – Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) / Soul Fugue

If there is one record label that has been consistent the whole twelve years I’ve had Flea Market Funk, it’s been Daptone Records. Before I was writing about modern day funk and soul, they were plugging along putting out records by Sharon Jones (among others) and making their mark in music history. So it is with great pleasure that I let you know that Daptone Records is on number 100 of their forty five releases. That’s a century of seven inch singles, and they are celebrating it in a way that they could only do. The label has seen triumph and tragedy, but through it all has pulled themselves up to march on and be one of the most influential funk and soul record labels of our lifetime. This release, Family Daptone’s “Hey Brother (Do Unto Others)” b/w “Soul Fugue” is a collaboration of the label’s legendary talent. “Hey Brother” a track by The Frightnrs (originally off of Nothing More To Say), pays tribute to lead singer Dan Klein, who passed tragically before the record was even released. Featuring Saun & Starr, The Frightnrs, Naomi Shelton, James Hunter, Lee Fields, Duke Amayo, plus the late monarchs of Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones all performing side by side over a groove from members of Menahan Street Band and The Dap Kings. The B-Side, “Soul Fugue” features an orchestra of Bosco Mann, Dave Guy, Homer Steinweiss, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Brian Wolfe, along with current and past members of the Dap Kings, Menahan Street Band, Antibalas, The Soul Providers, The Daktaris, and The Extraordinaires who recorded this epic, gargantuan track on, get this, February 29th, 2016. If that wasn’t a sign (leap year and all), we don’t know what it.

What started as an ambitious thank you to you, our beloved fans, has now also become a loving tribute to the brothers and sister we’ve lost since it’s inception: Charles Bradley, Dan Klein, Cliff Driver, and our eternal Queen, Miss Sharon Jones.

Both tracks will definitely appeal to Daptone Records fans and funk/ soul lovers alike. It’s like if Stax or Atlantic crammed a bunch of their top of the top, consistent sidemen, and legends past and present all in studios and laid down stuff for the ages. It’s exactly what Daptone does here and they do it with the style, grace, and power that they’ve had from the very beginning. They “keep putting soul up” and in return that music goes to a higher level. If it weren’t for Daptone and their stable of champions, there would not be a lot of the bands and labels that are around today. All owe a debt of gratitude to this powerhouse. There wouldn’t have been Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black Lp with the Daptone sound all over it. There would not be a Jay Z hit without the Daptone sound to it. And those are just some of the many influences over the years. We haven’t even touched the surface of influences of Sharon Jones to, let’s see, everyone, and how Charles Bradley shook up the world with his brand of soul. From afrobeat to mambo to rocksteady to garage rock and more, Daptone keeps on moving in one direction: up. Congrats Daptone, we have been in your corner since day one and have enjoyed it all. Here is to 100 more!

Here’s a link to stream the 100 singles on Spotify.

The forty five is available in black or in a die cut picture disc, your choice.

Pre-order the record here.

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