The Four M Company – You’re Not Functioning

We hope you had a great long weekend where ever you are. We’re back today with some heat with a capital H, and it has to be Family Groove Records that does it. They have given us some long lost bangers from Rasputin’s Stash, Odia Coates and more. This time it’s The Four M Company, six previously unreleased tracks of Modern Funk and Soul. The record was recorded in 1979 at Paul Serrano’s P.S. Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and it’s a super treat to hear these tracks today that sound as fresh as they did forty years ago. The Four M Company was formed after the band After The Eight Minutes (Perception Records) by David Sudduth (along with his brother Wendell), the band proceeded to play every high school prom on the North side of Chicago from the years 1974-1978. The band itself included members David & Wendel Sudduth, Terri Johnson, Paul Ramey & Duane Faulkner and about 35 members in total who would play with them at one point in time or another. Sexy and moving, these six tracks are just what you need if this music is your speed. Besides being catchy, they are infectious in their own right, easily some late night steez for dance floor play. The title track “You’re Not Functioning” had us hooked from the very first note. There are 500 hand stamped twelve inche records available (hopefully at this time they’ll be some somewhere, as they look to be sold out on the Family Groove website). If you’re not up on Family Groove, get up, they’re doing us a great service by releasing the unreleased. Hear samples of the tracks below:

Pre-orders are sold out, more info here.

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