Poldoore – Mosaic

Today’s goodness comes straight from Belgium based producer and beatsmith Poldoore. With a grip of organic beats, rhymes, and rhythms, he combines samples and live instrumentation to push the envelope and give us upbeat and positive music on his latest effort Mosaic. Digging deep into rare record collections, he proceeds to give us what we need in the form of thirteen tracks that flow effortlessly from the record player to your ears. With help on collaborations from ASM & Balkan Bump and Awon and AME on two separate tracks, they give two solid rap efforts for your ear holes. The rest of the field is instrumental heat that ranges from hard, jazzy beats, to electro soul, the aforementioned hip hop, and a nod to triphop sounds that are always a crowd pleaser. He’s grabbed elements of the past (sampling) and combined it with the present and future (live instrumentation/ collabs) and really come out with a dope record here. We love that his attitude to breathe life into some long forgotten vintage grooves pans out in this way: a fresh sound that is aurally pleasing. He doesn’t have to go down the road of that method that the lemmings in modern popular music use: slow, syrupy beats, auto tune, catchy nonsensical words that the masses follow like it’s gospel. He meticulously picks each sample, creates the groove, stirs in the live instrumentation and comes out with solid tracks all the way through. These are the hidden chestnuts, the gems, the records that stand the test of time ten, twenty years. Mosaic will have you laid back, eyes closed, feeling like it’s the best ever, but it will also make you nod so hard you’ll have a sprained neck. These are definitely two signs that this record is here to stay. Stream the track below and order the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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