Leon Dinero – Lover Like Me

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy! It’s that time of year again folks. Time to break out the island sounds, the sweet latin grooves, and of course to take it back to a time when music had that gritty feeling. Working class people making working class music for the masses. That’s what’s going on right here and right now with another banger from the Daptone family. The man they call Victor Axelrod at the controls as I would say. He takes an early Daptone Records classic from the Sugarman 3 and Lee Fields and transports us all back to Jamaica, back to some 1960’s ska sounds. This forty five features a new singer that will have all the dance halls jumping and all the people talking about him. This man is the one they call Leon Dinero, seen? We have all heard how Axelrod has worked his magic like a boss from JA and rocked a reggae flip on many of a Daptone single, but in our opinion, this record is the best he has done. The Sharon Jones “How Long Do I Have To Wait” is by far a stone cold classic remix and the top of the top. However, we’ve got a new re-lick that’s perched high, and it’s Leon Dinero. This one needs to go in the box and be played loud, and then flipped over and the other side played again. Super excited to play this one out, so do not sleep or you will be sorry. My only question, is can I get it for tomorrow’s gig?

Listen to a snippet of both sides of the record here.

Order the record from Daptone here.

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