Ofege – Higher Plain Breeze

Tidal Waves Music coming correct once again with another high class reissue. This time we are heading over to Lagos, Nigeria, and one of the most legendary Nigerian groups of all time: Ofege. Drawing influences from Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, they also took inspiration from seminal groups like Blo, The Funkees, and Ofo The Black Company. Their heavy African psych sound has kept their names on a lot of collector’s want lists.. Tidal Waves Music gives us their third record, Higher Plane Breeze , a sweet combination of funk, rock, afrobeat, and disco, which was originally out on Polydor Nigeria in 1977, and features the iconic “I don’t give a f@ck” middle finger up high to the camera photo on the cover. One of the most iconic record cover photos to come out of Nigeria in that time. This record originally goes for boat loads of cash, and this is the first reissue of this important Nigerian release. Now available world wide to collectors, it’s a limited run of 500 copies on 180g vinyl, with the original artwork and extensive liner notes featuring photos and words from one of Ofege’s founding members Melvin Ukachi. He also helped supervise the reissue as well. There is also an exclusive brown vinyl limited to 200 copies available in addition to the standard black. Distributed through Light In The Attic, who are always on the cutting edge of getting important records out to the public, the record drops on August 2nd. A must for any record collector who want some heavyweight action on their turntable.

Pre-order the record here.

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