The Mad Geezers – The Donkey

If you’ve been buying these Swing-A-ling and swing-A-Ling NOW SOUNDS records from NYC Trust then you know the real deal. Named after the long running, super deep, all vinyl party in Brooklyn, some of the original pressings fetch some pretty high cash. The Swing-A-Ling party is a definite celebration of all the classic styles of Jamaican music, put on in the deepest section of the Caribbean community. Along with the incredible music, which can last some 12 hour and more, you’ll get those JA delicacies like jerk chicken curry goat (maybe a Ting or two). The crowds that populate this series of parties range from young to old, and they all groove to what the selectors are laying down. This particular record, “The Donkey” by The Mad Geezers, showcases some modern reggae production, with two timeless cuts like the many classic records played at the party. There are a lot of influences on both sides of this heater, some of which range from rock steady, soul, dub, and snake charmer sounds from the East. All of these great grooves put onto this seven, which will no doubt be blasting from home made and professional speakers in sound systems not just throughout the city, but all over the globe as well. It’s a label like NYC Trust that goes the extra mile to ensure the authentic Caribbean sound is as genuine as it gets. Past and future clash with the large vibes inna fine style. NYC Trust controlling the fullness once again.

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