Booker Gee – Greedy G

Guillaume Metenier is a talented musician, composer, label owner, and producer out of Paris, France. He has been putting out quality records and working it quite hard with productions from Soul Sugar, Leon Charmichael, and others. This time, multiple air horns go off as the man they call Booker Gee hits it right on the head with a bang up cover of The Brentford All-Stars “Greedy G”. You know the deal McNeal, sampled by Boogie Down Productions, it’s one of, if not the funkiest reggae records on earth. We could debate that “Lockjaw” or “Soul Vibration” are just as funky, but to us, “Greedy G” is not just a belter. Honestly the definition of stone cold classic. And, of course, Gee puts his own funky spin on it but respects the original as well, creating a groove for newer generations to hear what a real tough Jamaican funk record sounds like in 2019. It has that funky element to it, the organ shines super bright on this cover just like it did in the original, and the drums knock extra hard too. It’s a jam right in the streets people, so don’t be late to the party. The record itself is limited to 300 hundred pieces pressed, and for now you can get it Japan, UK, and Europe. This one’s hot, red hot. Listen to the record as it was played by Dennis Bovell on Dub on Air / Soho Radio to much praise.

The bandcamp link is coming soon, but now also available through Iroko Records in Japan here.

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