Prince Fatty feat. Big Youth & George Dekker – Get Ready

Leave it to the man they call Price Fatty to break out with another one of our favorite records for the Summer of 2019. Following up bang up versions of The Poets “Understand What Love Is” and a Record Store Day release of “Be Thankful What You Got” (feat Earl16), he comes correct with a re-lick of The Temptations’ “Get Ready”. Written by Smokey Robinson in 1966, this international smash gets the reggae treatment of all treatments. Featuring the falsetto voice of George Dekker of The Pioneers and the toasting of Big Youth, this is exactly what we want to hear from Fatty, who has tackled and conquered so many tunes in a fine reggae style.

“Get Ready” is a masterpiece of the time and for me, it’s perfection squeezed into 2 minutes, 45 seconds – having a vocalist like David Ruffin on backing vocals just tops the bill. If you follow Prince Fatty and the Horseman, you will know we love the rockers style of the late 70s. I wanted our version to have the Disco Mix feeling so I enlisted George Dekker from the Pioneers for the lead vocal. George’s range and falsetto are on the same level as Eddie Kendrick and Melvin Franklin which is no easy task, and I think he has delivered a great vocal. Balanced by the infamous Big Youth’s toasting “I have some children, but we can have some more!” Love is the message for those lucky enough to find it. People, its best you Get Ready!

“Get Ready” has a groove that is so infectious you might not be able to control yourself. Prince Fatty and Horseman go straight for a ’70’s Rockers vibe, so you know with this track they control the fullness. It’s a spot on reggae cover of one of the most soulful tunes ever recorded. One thing we always really dug about reggae covers is that they are done so perfectly, so right on, and this one is right up there with them. Also they make you feel good, and this one does the same. Prince Fatty adds another feather in his reggae cap with this one, as he has previously worked with The Skints, Gregory Isaac, Mungo’s HiFfi, and more (not to mention superstars like Lily Allen, Hollie Cook, Graham Coxon from Blur, etc.). This is a must for all reggae heads, a great addition to your seven inch box of treats. Listen to the record below:

Buy the record here, out on Evergreen Recordings.

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