Nautilus – A Rollerskating Jam Named Sundays

As if the Summer couldn’t get any better, our man Oonops is back with his second collaboration with the Japanese powerhouse jazz/ funk trio Nautilus and an incredible cover (live band version) of De La Soul’s “A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays”. Joined by emcee Abdominal and Japanese vocalist Kei Owada, the end product is a fantastic cover of the classic. Beautiful keyboards, percussion that is super on point (they even combine the UMC’s “One To Grow On” break), plus Kei’s songbird vocals, this one is right in there for Saturday night prime time dancing. The flip is a rework of the track by German producer glueset. Another banger of a tune as well. Oonops has been working hard not just DJing (and his Brooklyn Radio series), but again producing Nautilus and having even further success with this one. This is a certified banger with no questions asked. Fans of the original will not even bat an eye at this updated version, which has legs of its own as you’ll hear. This is why you come to Flea Market Funk: to hear a track like this. We deliver the goods and break records. So what else is there to do except grab your roller skates y’all and dip dip on by? You’ll definitely be hearing more from Oonops as well as Nautilus in the future. We’d love to see them live here in the States, so perhaps that could happen at some point (wink wink, nudge nudge). This would be incredible to see performed live. For now we have them on record, and dance floors will never be the same. Saturday or Sunday, you’ve got a jam on your hands.

Listen to both sides of the record below:

Pre-order the record here, available Sept. 27th.

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