Flo Mega & The KBCs – Mehr Respeky (Akku Leer)

Starting off this week right with a new release off of the always reliable Our Records label out of Germany. Featuring Flo Mega, the hip hop soul man and the four piece dynamite outfit known as The KBCs, this heavy ass funk track “Mehr Respeky (Akku Leer)” is a nod to the Godfather of Soul and the fabulous JB’s in every way. Along with Flo on the vocals, the KBCs are made up of Lucas Kochbeck on Drums, Nicolas Börger on Keyboards, Lars Coelln on Guitars, and Daniel Stritzke on Bass. Packing more punch than a Mike Tyson uppercut this seven inch is for sure a highlight of 2019, grabbing you by the shirt and making you dance (even the wall flowers). With a rhythm and charm like Fadoul, who ripped up J.B. tracks in Morocco, these band of merry pranksters who use laughter to get into the zone have proven once again that there is a reason Our Label Records has been a staple in this world funk game for more than ten years. Records like “Mehr Respeky (Akku Leer)” are stone cold killers and floor fillers. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, you know right where this record is going: full tilt funk baby, and Flo Mega is the captain of this funk ship while the KBCs hold it down for the duration. You get both the vocal and the instrumental and they both hit hard in their own way. If you’re not up on this label’s catalog, get up. Start with this new banger and relive their last ten plus funky years. Listen to the record below and order it from Our Label Records after the stream.

Get the record here.

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