Ourra feat. Alena – Don’t You Know

If space bass is the place you want to be moving to, then we have a treat for you. Star Creature Universal Vibrations is back once again and they’re slapping this bass filled disco/ boogie action right in your face. “Don’t You” is fresh out the box, coming immediately after the phenomenal “Message/ Umi Says” release that sold out immediately. Featuring Ourra and London vocal sensation Alena, this release was originally supposed to come out in the fall. The demand for another Tugboat Edition record was so high that Tim Zawada had to push it up to now. Now being Summertime baby, and prime time for dance floor heat and burning down the discos all over the world. The song itself is bass heavy with plenty of synths and punch drums to go around. Like we said, that bass is the place. Giving off a full on early ’80’s vibe, Alena’s voice takes us back to browsing the racks at Canal Jeans Company and wearing that checkered badge on our denim jacket proud. The little rap breakdown is a nice touch as well. This is a perfect Summer burner all around, and of course screams “get on the dance floor lover!”. Speaking of, if you love your synths and bass, this is a perfect match, as Ourra plays the shit out of that thing, taking us out with a ban isolated bass solo. Now flip it over for more instrumental goodness. With only 500 pressed, it won’t be around for long. Listen to both sides below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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