You Need This: A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol. 3

Here’s a treat for all you jazz heads out there. BBE Records is dropping the third in the series of incredible records compilations complied by one of the best vinyl record diggers and hunters around, If Records London founder Jean-Claude. Digging super deep into his personal record collection once again, A Journey Into Deep Jazz remains true to the title, because let’s face it we all need more records whether you want them or not. Vinyl record collecting is serious business, and as any of you out there know, you can never have too many records, and of course you can’t have them all. But you can try. Number three in this series is an eclectic bag once again of sounds from the jazz universe. Featuring artists such as the former trombonist and musical director of James Brown’s band Tyrone Jefferson, jazz great guitarist Szabó Gábor István, Jazz Celula from Czechoslovakia, as well a Jazz Yatra Sextett from India among others. It’s a world wide hunt for dope records and Jean-Claude is again on the case. Featuring rare cover versions of classics by Gillespie and Coltrane all the way to Afro grooves from Hungary and Japanese mambo.

By now you are all aware of how this works: a collection of obscure and rare jazz nuggets that have gone underappreciated for years and need to be given their day in the sun. This time ‘round we have managed to license a host of prime club joints to rock your dance-floor, as well as a few gentler moments for the more sedate of you out there.

While jazz music is not always understood by the masses, a series like this is important. There is so much music out there that is just there, lying stagnant like pond water until a vinyl champion like Jean-Claude comes through and gets it out to the world. Both Jean-Claude and BBE have made it their mission to bring the best music, in this case jazz, to the world. That’s global, forgotten jazz, or we’d like to call it universal forgotten jazz. This compilation has something for everyone, and if you appreciate jazz music, or more importantly keep an open mind while listening for new things, this one is for you. The 3 LP set is slated for an August 16th release.

Hear a twenty minute snippet here.

Pre-order the record here.

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