The Allergies: The 2 Much! Tour Mix

The lads from The Allergies are fresh and back from tour. So while on the 2 Much! tour they put together a seventy plus playlist from a Spotify list they made with the band while on the road. The music was so good that they decided to throw together a sweet twenty five minute, high energy mix of tracks for the people. We’ve got it first here at Flea Market Funk! This one features bangers from their own catalog and their Mr. Andy Cooper, as well as tunes from Atmosphere, Yada Yada, Main Source, Lack of Afro, and more. If you’re not up on The Allergies, their production, or their terrific mixes, well, here’s your chance to really get it together people. Known for rocking stages, rocking parties, and tearing up dance floors with their records, this duo is always up to something interesting musically, and this is the latest. So without any delay, check out what they put together for you.

The ‘2 Much!’ Tour Mix Track List:

The Allergies – ‘2 Much! feat. Andy Cooper’
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – ‘I Can’t Stop’
Yada Yada – ‘Southern Fried’
Zeph and Azeem – ‘Everything Different’
Los Manolos vs Lack of Afro – ‘Polonio (Lack of Afro Remix)’
Clockwork Voodoo Freaks – ‘Deaf Mick’s Throwdown’
Angelo & Eighteen – ‘Flight 2’
Atmosphere – ‘Bam!’
Andy Cooper – ‘Why You Buggin? feat. The Allergies’
Main Source – ‘He Got So Much Soul’

From bedroom to whip to your holiday party, play this mix LOUD. The Allergies know how to throw and rock a party, and this mix is a perfect example of what they do.

Listen to the mix below:

Get their new single “2 Much” w/ Andy Cooper on Jalapeno Records here.

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