Video: Lee Fields – Wake Up

The brother Lee Fields always speaks from the heart. He tells it like it is, through his eyes. It’s all truth, all the time. The man is funk and soul music, has seen it all, done it all, and continues to carry the torch to show a new generation the way it really is. This new, politically charged video for the tune “Wake Up”, which is off of his new record entitled It Rains Love on Big Crown, is exactly what the American people need right now. They need to wake up, and Fields has had enough of it. He’s seen a lot, and it’s not fake news just because they say it. He’s using his own eyes to make a decision, which a lot of people are not doing. They’re letting others make the decision for them.

You can’t tell me who to be/ because you are you, and I am me/ Only the truth can set us free/ Can I get a witness?

This track is a call to arms for people to stand up, speak out loud and stand up for themselves. Beautifully written and performed by Fields, the video features animation from the one and only artist, director, and animator El Oms (Omar Juarez). It’s moving imagery from The Black Panthers to Kap, people standing up and fighting for their rights as human beings. It’s a perfect match for this very necessary at this very moment track by the one and only Lee Fields. Big Crown are continually stepping up their game, and in this corrupt climate of deception, lies, and absolute ridiculousness in politics here in the United States, we say Salut! to Fields and the Big Crown crew for standing up and making noise. Remember, it’s all of our rights to do so. So do it.

Check out the video below:

Get the new record from Lee Fields, It Rains Love, out on Big Crown here.

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