Ikebe Shakedown – Unqualified

Today we have the first single from the new Ikebe Shakedown record, Kings Left Behind, out on Colemine Records on August 16th. For the last decade or so, Ikebe Shakedown has been releasing amazing music, playing shows to packed audiences all over, and have become one of the leaders of their generation in music. Formed in Brooklyn ion 2008, and featuring members that have played in the Dap-Kings, Charles Bradley & His Extrordinaires, as well as Lee Fields and the Expressions. Ikebe Shakedown roll raw funk, ’70’s soul, afro funk and soul, cinematic soundscapes and soundtracks, as well as uncut psychedelic sounds all in one to create a musical blunt that is quite unique. On their latest effort, they come together in the writing process as a group, with each instrument standing out proudly and coming together for one momentous groove. It was recorded at Hive Minds Recordings in Brooklyn, where this instrumental pepper pot of tunes was conceived. “Unqualified”, the first listen off of this upcoming full length, is a wild ride of tightly crafted grooves, on point horns, along with ruff and tuff drums that are ever present throughout the three minutes plus of goodness. The decade this band has spent together has created a tight bond musically, so no matter if they are releasing records on Ubiquity on the Left Coast, Colemine in the middle, or creating the magic with producer/ bassist Vince Chiarito in Brooklyn, their sound is dynamite, tight, and out of sight. Afro funk and soul at its finest in the modern age, don’t let the name of the track fool you; Ikebe Shakedown is one of the most qualified bands we know.

Check out the track below:

Pre-order the record from Colemine Records here.

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