Edson Conceicao – Filhos De Gandhi

Coming in hot with another volume of Brasingles, Selva Discos grab you by the hand and lead you straight to the dance floor with a steadfast dancer to say the least. With the original track on one side and a relick or rework on the flip, these volumes have become necessary in may DJ arsenals. Volume 3 features Edson Conceicao’s “Filhos De Gandhi”, originally from the 1977 album Quem Tem Fé Não Sai , and a tribute to Carnaval da Bahia. In its original pressing, it is a very sought after record. The original version is spoken word with chants over minimal drums, weaving a tale of the Filhos de Gandhy carnival group from Salvador, the capital of Bahia state. Very entrancing stuff as you will hear. If the first version wasn’t fantastic enough, there is a version done by Australian digger and DJ Mike Burns from a few years ago that will elevate the dance floor to a carnival party and all time status. We seriously double dog dare you not to move or feel some kind of emotion when listening to these tracks. Powerful and invoking rhythmic grooves all over your body, the fact that it is in Portuguese and you don’t speak the language is the least of your worries. By the end of the twelve inch you’ll be moving like you’ve lived in Brazil for your whole life. Don’t believe us? Have a listen to a full version of both tracks below, and order this hot 12″ after the stream. Another burner Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall.

Get the record here.

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