Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints – Runnin’ (To Get To Your Love)

For all of you soul lovers out there, there’s a release out today for pre-order that you are going to be happy about. The inspiring and creative minds over at Dala Records (Camellia Hartman, Mel & Kim, Billy The Kid) along with BQE Records bring us a forty five that will get your soul (and feet) moving. Their latest effort is a beautifully done soul track from Bobby Harding & The Soulful Saints. Heavy, heavy 1960’s soul vibe, full of strings for days, while Bobby Harding sings his heart out people. Authentic soul from top to bottom on this one. Here’s another record that was recorded at Hive Minds Recording in Brooklyn and has the imprint of Ikebe Shakedown’s Vince Chiarito all over it, as well a a massive contribution from Dala’s Billy Aukstik, who wore many hats wrote, engineered, produced, and played B3, trumpet and backing vocals on this bad boy. The soul in Brooklyn is alive and well, and it’s labels like Dala (along with BQE Records), who continue to raise the aural boundaries with an authentic track such as this. The strings are major, and really give the song a real deal ’60’s sound. Harding is impressive and can wail with the best of them. We’re excited to get this one on the turntable, and you should be too. This is one of those records that in years to come will fetch a high price on the auctions and Discogs, It’s that soul that bubbles just under the surface, and mark our words will be in demand in years to come. Check out a stream of a snippet of the track below, then pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the 45 from Dala Records here.

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