FMF x Funky 16 Corners 2019

It’s always a pleasure when I’m able to do things with my old friend, mentor, and collaborator Larry Grogan from the mighty Funky 16 Corners blog. He’s been a long time contributor and historian to the vinyl record game, keeping the music alive through the F16 online ‘zine, the blog, and now the network of radio shows he has on WFMU and The Face/ Totally Wired Radio. This is going on a lot at the same time and for decades. If you are into funk and soul records (but not limited to that), there is no doubt you have crossed paths with Mr. Grogan. He is an absolute gem of a person and an important figure in the forty five (and overall) record game.

This week we have six blazing mixes from the mighty DJ Prestige, founder of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions and one of the busiest DJs in the NY area, lighting up the beach here at the Jersey Shore and the clubs of New York City as well.- Larry Grogan. Funky 16 Corners

Every year he does a pledge drive, getting many selectors to drop exclusive mixes for the readers and listeners to check out. This year, he’s doing it once again, but a little different. We’ve teamed up together to bring you not one, but six mixes I have done in my career for you to listen to. Some have been featured previously on F16, some have not. These mixes are a definite mixed bag, as I dig deep into my crates for African, Psych/ Garage, Funk, Soul, and of course as I’ve done lately for Larry, reggae records. There is something for everyone here. So if you’ve heard these mixes before and you just want to revisit, or you haven’t heard these at all, here’s a good time to check them out. While you are there, pledge on Patreon to Funky 16, he’s one of the best in the business. Thank for the kind words Larry! Check out the Funky 16 Corners pledge drive below:

Go to the site, listen to mixes, and pledge here.

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