Particle Ray – Snake

We’ll let you in on a little secret. We love house music. Good house music, house music with soul. House music that you makes you sweaty. Beautiful white label tracks that kept us up until the dark turned into light that made you and your friends feel good and just dance your ass off all night. Today we introduce a track just like that. Particle Ray are newcomers to The Record Breakin’ Music family. Their new track “Purpose” off of the Snake Ep is really something special. From the very first drop, it brings back that feeling we were speaking of up above. It takes you back, and the sound is authentic and classic. PR says about the record: “Snake Church is the result of me listening to myself. It’s my stubborn will to keep pushing after finding an unfamiliar feelings of low. It’s awareness of the people who wish the best of me. It’s being genuine despite the perceived vulnerability. It’s facing the world around me no matter how discouraging.” And isn’t that what we have to do?

The core of what I do is house music and I don’t think that will change. I don’t think house is meant to be exclusive to dance floor but should be danceable. Head nodding, booty shaking and intimate listening don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Face the day and what it brings good or bad, head on? PR do that and if this track is any indication on how good the rest of the EP is, we want more. This is for sure, something that will get asses moving, heads nodding, and moods elated. Music is supposed to make us feel things, and Particle Ray has done just that: made us feel something. That feeling is happiness. So if you’re feeling down, put this track on. You’re guaranteed to move and guaranteed to groove, plus you’ll feel better. Shake it off and let PR help you on your way. Listen to the track below:

Get the digital album here.

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