Karate Boogaloo – Bam Bam

Today we have some goodness from Melbourne, Australia’s Karate Boogaloo. This band has consistently made a name for themselves by not only staying in their own lane, playing off kilter, wonky funk, but by also recording it straight to tape using no edits or plug ins. These are all released exclusively in mono. Is that a specific enough lane for you? We think so. While most people don’t care about the little differences (le Big Mac?), we are definitely happy when a project like this comes along. Just like a band such as The Abstract Orchestra, who have flipped tracks by Dilla and Mad Villain, The KB’s have made it their mission to interpret many classic records, leaving their personal stamp on them. Their 2018 KB’s Mixtape Vol. 1 quickly caught on with hip hop heads and diggers throughout the Melbourne scene. These interpretations are quickly becoming a cult classic not just in Australia, but around the globe. Now a year later, the KB’s are back again with the second in the series, KB’s Mixtape Vol. 2. This time they tackle eighties tracks that made by artists such as Blondie, Kraftwerk, Patti LaBelle and Stevie Nicks that went on to be sampled by Destiny’s Child, Kanye West, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Warren G and more. They’ve flipped these tunes in a way that only The KB’s can, staying in their lane once again and creating another cult classic. Sample heads and music champions will most definitely get it. It’s always great to hear classics flipped in this way. Here’s the first sample from the record, a cover of the great Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam”, flipped and spit by the The KB’s. Listen to the track streaming below, and pre-order the record after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available on September 27th.

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