Beastie Boys x Adidas Skateboarding

Well, if you have been following The Beastie Boys at all during their career, you know that they were a huge influence not just with their music, but their street style as well. Their reach went way further than just the turntable, cassette deck, or the compact disc player. They influenced fans with their clothing style: from Boost to Ben Davis to Carhart to Tretorn to yes, Adidas. From shell toes to Ewings, Gazelles and beyond, the three stripes were not too far from these hip hop icons. So to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Paul’s Boutique, the Beasties have teamed up with Adidas skateboarding and come up with a footwear collaboration. Adidas x Beastie Boys American is a throwback to 90’s skateboarding, with the silhouette matching the time period. With a low key colorway, it features a stripped look, off white and light upper with a gum sole. The three stripes are a darker grey, with the iconic Eric Haze Beastie Boys logo embroidered on the tounge, and Beastie Boys on each heel respectively. Of course they look dope, so it’s your mission, if you choose, to find a pair. They’ll be available at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn exhibit Beyond The Streets today July 25th, or at a very expensive reseller near you. But, if you really need to have them, you’ll use your super powers and find them, It’s just another feather in the cap of the Boys, who capped off last year with an autobiography as well as a book tour. I think this is the collaboration that MCA would finally approve.

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One response to “Beastie Boys x Adidas Skateboarding

  1. These are legit, but a little outside my price range. Unless a pair show up in a thrift shop by some miracle in the future.

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