Flea Market Funk x Bird & Betty’s LBI

I started my DJing in a place called Long Beach Island. Years before I had seen Mixmaster DST do his thing in the Herbie Hancock “Rockit” video and I was hooked. That’s what I wanted to do. Growing up in between Philadelphia and New York City, I was able to pull in both city’s radio stations, and the influence of the radio shows (very heavy on the Power 99 mixes in Philly) plus early MTV culture and the local record shops (Shout out to The Red Rocker) for turning me on to what was then, groundbreaking music. So fast forward probably to 1992, and I find myself DJing at a place called The Tide in Beach Haven, NJ. With a combination of records and cds, I was able to put together a set that people hadn’t really heard before. That landed me a a gig opening up for G. Love and Special Sauce (“Cold Beverage”, “Baby’s Got Sauce”) a few nights, as well as The Goats (“I’m Not Your Typical American” fame), and some other spot on the North End of LBI, I want to say it was Rick’s American Cafe. I left the island in ’97 and started getting serious about DJing and vinyl record culture after that. And here we are today.

Good friends and great nights are timeless.

So it’s with great pleasure that I’ll be coming back to the same place I started DJing 25+ years later. This time it will be in Beach Haven, but at a spot I frequented from a teenager up until my twenties. Summers spent at The Ketch (RIP) for Old Acme Night, Daiquiri’s on the Deck, dance nights, and of course the live music. There were so many good bands that rolled through this summer haven: Fishbone, Live, Violent Femmes, plus local bands like Hyperactive and the plethora of cover bands that entertained the locals and shoobies alike. Those feelings I had there are ones I always hold close to me because it reminds me of my youth, being carefree, and being with friends. So, on Thursday August 1st, I’ll be returning to my old stomping grounds, The Ketch. It has now reopened as Bird & Betty’s. They’re bringing back the feel good times of the’60’s and ’70’s on Long Beach Island. Great nightlife, bands, and of course a gathering place for good friends to meet. I’ll be bringing my vibe up on the deck on August 1st from 7:30/8 pm on. So put on your Op windbreaker and some Vans, we’ll be on the deck with some good drinks and summertime vibes all on vinyl. Hope you can join me.

Layback Vinyl w/ DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk)
Bird & Betty’s
529 Dock Rd.
Beach Haven, NJ
Long Beach Island

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