Feeling This Friday: The Mouse Outfit – Step Steadier (RocknRolla Soundsystem Edit)

Always on the hunt for new music, new tracks, remixes, and the like, we’ve got something that we are feeling this Friday we wanted to share. Here’s a track from The Mouse Outfit, a nine piece live hip hop band from Manchester. Originally on their 2015 album Step Steadier that had a grip of top notch tracks, this reworking by RocknRolla Soundsystem is something that we are sure you are going to have on repeat in no time. With some tough ragga hooks, and a bass line that you will recognize in an instant (we’ll give you a hint, we open every gig with this original record, you know, we ease it in.). Nuff tough drums and percussion throughout, it will be rocking dance floors and making asses shake before you know it. It’s already added to our arsenal right now. If you are serious about remixes or edits, RocknRolla Soundsystem has been putting out some super dope edits for quite some time. Some available for free, but also available on bandcamp and Juno, you’ve got options if you like this crew’s work. Always done with finesses and some heavy beats, they have really laid it down proper on this one. Listen to the track below and, today’s your lucky day, because they’ve offered it up as a free download. So jump on that before it’s gone. RocknRolla Soundsystem for the win on another edition of Feeling It Friday. Can you feel it?!


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