Colombian Soul Compiled By Tricky D

Reaching around the globe once again, BBE has teamed up with Bagar aka TRicky D to go on a journey through Colombian music. It’s not the ordinary, upbeat Latin sounds made specifically for the dance floor you may be familiar with from the diaspora. This one goes a bit deeper. With Bagar living in the region for years, he has become a part of the country’s music scene. So naturally, he’s gone deeper than most to get the best from these Colombia contemporary artists. Here’s what he had to say about the album:

I realised that there is no compilation of Colombian downbeat music, so I decided to dig deep and get together collection of dubby, downbeat, minor tuned songs. The result is this collection of 20 spacey, soulful songs recorded by well recognised Colombian artists, many of whom I’ve collaborated with over the past few years.

The compilation was born by grabbing jazzy, dubbed out, downbeat and of course soulful tracks from grassroots music artists and bringing them to the forefront on here. He’s got everything from underground sound system crews to hip hop cliques to previously nominated Latin Grammy stars on the record. It’s a real melting pot of down tempo, spacey and smoother sounds that has been made throughout Colombia. And let us say that it’s fantastic. While of course, we do not mind the uptempo, strictly for dancing tracks that are consistently put out from Colombia, but this is a side of the country we have never been exposed to, and we think that the new listeners who grab a hold of this record will be just as satisfied as we are. It’s what we do here at Flea Market Funk: bring you new music you’ve never heard before. That is what exactly BBE has been doing for years, constantly pushing forward with new sounds for the masses. This one is a winner people. Stream the record below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, out on Sept. 6th.

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