Lance Ferguson’s Rare Groove Spectrum – Remixes and Rarities

If you missed the original of this record when it came out in January, you’re in luck. It’s still available, What record do we speak of? The fantastic, forward thinking (and playing) Lance Ferguson and his Rare Groove Spectrum. The extremely talented Lance Ferguson goes a step further with remixes from one of the better funk and soul records of the year. Taking four tracks from the steamroller of an Lp, where he went on to reinterpret classic tracks in different ways, this one is as hot as sizzling bacon in a pan, really made for the dance floor and for lovers of true funk and soul music. Starting of with a reinterpretation of James Mason’s”Sweet Power, Your Embrace”, Alex Attias Sweet re-edits this monster with latin feels all around. A beautiful way to start. Next up is Jimmy Smith’s “8 Counts For Rita”, that too gets some latin action. Full of trumpets and piano, it’s got a great samba/ salsa feel that calls you to move. Next up is Michael White’s “The Blessing Song”, paced picked up, latin jazz injected and ready to move, remixed by Flow Lab Kid on the Blessed remix. I can vividly remember being introduced to this track in its original form, still waiting to grab the Lp from my dealer. This is a superb version, flipped just right. Lastly, Ferguson gets busy with “The Blackbyrds Theme”, and it’s funky as your pop pop’s drawers. All of these tracks are really near and dear to our hearts, and the way Ferguson and company tackle them is outstanding. The spin he puts on each leaves the spirit of the original in tact, but moves in new directions that the masters would be proud of. We’re looking forward to spinning this one out. Check out some of the original mixes of the tracks below:

Get the 12″ here.

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