Big Ups With DJ Abrilita

Name, Location, What You Do: April Garcia aka DJ Abrilita. Oakland, CA. HIV Clinic Office Manager at SFDPH

Influences: DJ nights; Sweater Funk, Hella Groove, Suavecito Souldies, Down to Funk, Spill The Wine. Specific DJ influences are Vinyl Honey, Noel, Brown Amy, Soulita.

Favorite Records at the Moment: 1. “Music Madness”: Beckie Bell “I Love You”- Karriem, 3. “Disco Dancer” – Kiki Gyan, 4. “Hey Boy” – Ruby Andrews 5.“Can’t Get Him Off My Mind” – Sheryl Swope

Best Digging Story: I had been looking for this soul 7″ “Where Will You Be Boy” by Beverly Shaffer, but couldn’t find it at an affordable price online, it goes upwards from $100. My partner and I had spent a week in Chicago digging for cheap soul records and on our last day at the last record store, there it was in the $1 bin. It was such a major score and in great condition. A prized possession for sure!

Favorite Mix and Why. Any Genre, Any DJ: There are couple mixes that I keep returning to even after years of listening to them. Top is Sweeter Side of Latin Soul by Nick Aguirre. It’s so special in that it’s Latin jazz/salsa but also that sweet, sticky icky soul. The songs are by family favorite artists, but the twist is that they are all B-Side slow songs that I had never heard. Another mix is Panama Sweet Soul by DJ Aware. It’s all beautiful soulful afro-latino vocals over slow calypso beats. There’s nothing like it!

LP, 12”, or 7” format?: Since I love soul music, 7″ (aka 45s) is my preferred vinyl format. Plus they are easier & lighter to carry (I take public transportation to most of my gigs) and they are easier to store since I have limited storage space in my apartment.

Junk Food You Can’t Live Without: POPCORN, with extra salt & butter!

Most Memorable Gig Played: Lee Fields, Dam Funk, and Durand Jones & The Indications. It’s so hard to choose from these top 3, but if I had to I would say Lee Fields. What a performer, my goodness.

Record That Never Leaves Your Record Box: Holly Maxwell: “Only When You’re Lonely”‘

Shout Outs, Last Remarks, and Gig Info: Shout out to the Bay Area DJs & nights; Sweater Funk, Hella Groove in SAC, Brown Amy, and of course to Suavecito Souldies on 1st Fridays in Oakland. Special shout out to the lady DJs holding it down here, the reason why any of this really matters to me. The music community here is so inspiring!

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