J Jazz Volume 2: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969 – 1983

Another amazing compilation coming from BBE, this time it’s the second installment of of the sell out series J Jazz compiled by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden. Adding on to the fantastic selection of volume one, both Peden and Higgins dig deeper into their own record collections once again and come up with some choice cuts for the masses. It’s a cross section of jazz styles that rums the gamut from minimalist, acoustic funk (“Teru Teru Bozo” by Teru Sakomoto), spiritual jazz (“Dragon Dance”) by Makoto Terashita and Harold Land, funk fusion (“Mother of the Future by Electro Keyboard Orchestra), and soundtrack big band style (“(Little G” by Nobuo Hara), among other styles that include post bop and bossa as well. If you are a long time jazz fiend and dig the masters, or if you’re a new school head who came here via the new school of jazz that’s exploding in the UK and USA, you’ll surely appreciate the specially picked tracks for this second version of the series. This release has special bonus tracks on the triple vinyl record relesae as well as the double CD release, so if you’re a completist like we are, you’ll have to have both mediums because you love the music so much, With extensive liner notes from compilers Peden and Higgins, this is a sure shot for any jazz enthusiast. BBE once again enlightens us by releasing the music we might not have heard about was it not for their deep digging. Stream the project and then purchase via The link below, a pre-order for the September 6th release. Get in there and hear jazz you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Pre-order the record here, available via BBE Records 9/6/19.

Dig Deeper!

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