Jungle Brown – Keep It Movin’

Here’s an early week treat that you may have passed by like early Pharcyde records. So pro tip: don’t miss this one. Jungle Brown were quite impressive with their debut record, self produced in 2016. With a new full length ready for a late September drop via Mr. Bongo, they’ve released a little teaser of two tracks to keep you satisfied until the long player, Full Circle rolls through. “Keep It Movin’ ” is one of those tracks that will get your head nodding and your feet tapping from the very first drizzop. It’s got a classic hip hop sound to it, and if you’re a fan of some jazzy horns, smooth flows, and boom bap beats, then you can stop complaining about hip hop for a second and realize there is really good hip hop out there if you dig deeper. It’s by far some of the best hip hop we’ve heard in a bit, and with lyric nods to Big Daddy Kane, well, we feel they can’t go wrong. The aforementioned jazzy sax is blessed by UK jazz champion Ayo Yung Afrika Pyoneer, with backing vocals by Jungle Brown’s producer Tony Bones, both added bonuses. This particular track has been out for a minute, but the new, hand stamped forty five will not last long. Believe that. The flip, “We On” is another groover, featuring the vocal flow of the one Sampa The Great. We are well chuffed that the new record will be coming out shortly, so this more than holds us over. But when people say there is no good rap/ hip hop these days, you just pull out the Jungle Brown record. If they don’t believe you, play it again. Listen to “Keep It Movin’ ” below and order the forty five after the stream.

Get the record here.

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