Carlton Jumel Smith – Love Our Love Affair

This is exactly what we need right now, a record that feels good. A record with such great production, it zaps you back to the mid ’60’s in an instant. A record that doesn’t follow anyone’s rules but its own. This record is the fourth single from the 1634 Lexington Ave. Lp, “Love Our Love Affair”, from the ever talented Carlton Jumel Smith. Smith goes grazing in the grass with this hot dish of a seven inch as he links up once again with Cold Diamond and Mink who just crush the instrumentation on this track. Think sweet Southern soul with some vibes and another winner, Jukka Eskola on trumpet. The bonus is the the velvety smooth vocals of Smith taking this seven for a ride around the neighborhood with the top down on a sunny August afternoon. Singing sweetly about L-O-V-E, not like David Johansen would, but the way the great soul singers would, this seven is as fresh as the sea breeze. His ability to keep his soul music output so authentic is a strength of this man. It’s not 2019. It’s ’64 all over again, and Smith has made you fee that. Like we said earlier, the duo of Cold Diamond and Mink are really one of a kind and bring this record right to the top where it belongs. Esckola’s trumpet solo and work throughout is top notch as well. This is the soul world we live in today, so if you’re thinking about making a soul record, before you do, make sure you listen to the Timmion catalog, some Lee Fields, or Charles Bradley (R.I.P.) because you’ll have some big shoes to fill if you want to compete with these records in this market. They are as real as it gets. Both vocal and instrumental are included on this record, another reason this goes into the record box. Listen to both sides below via their bandcamp stream. Purchase the forty five after the stream. Soul + Smith + Timmion win again.

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