Barbara Howard – I Don’t Want Your Love

Colemine Records come up once again and put everyone on to some rare funky soul via their Remind Records imprint with Barbara Howard’s 1968 scorcher “I Don’t Want Love”. This huge heat rock has been a staple on the rare groove scene for years, but if you weren’t following the scene, here’s how the story goes. In 1968, a cat named Steven Reece wanted to take his community movement and talent search Operation Step-Up to the next level by founding an independent record label and releasing a record. With hopes of landing a major label deal and distribution, he chose Barbara Howard as the artist. They recorded a variety of genres (soul, pop, jazz, gospel, and more) to catch the ear of any major label. But you all know how the story goes….the record, wait for it, didn’t even catch a spark at all and the fire went out completely. The music fire burnt out, but Steven and Barbara were married and that was the fire that stayed lit. The rest they say, is history. “I Don’t want Your Love”, originally on the S.Reece label, is one of those gems that is tough, moves the crowd and of course, highly sought after. The flip, “The Man Above” is a slower, gospel soul track that shows Barbara’s range and the ability to tackle different genres with ease. Colemine comes correct with a restored and remastered forty five in black and limited edition pink vinyl for those who like the colorful grooves (you know we do!). Have a listen to the record below (in its original form) and then order it after the stream. Another winner from the chaps in Loveland, OH.

Get the record here.

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