Bileo – You Can Win (Spark Something Remix)

So much to say about this original track. One of the seriously undisputed best disco funk tracks out there. The original forty five will cost you upwards of a G, but has been reissued a couple of times if you were lucky to get either, we applaud you. But today we’re talking about the remix here coming from the chaps of Athens Of The North. Always bring us the best we have never heard of or an interesting twist to deep tracks, this reworking of “You Can Win” (Spark Something Remix) is a fresh take of this classic banger. As much as I hate to see a track being featured in advertising (see the new Coors Light campaign), this relick is pretty damn smooth. It was so slick it got featured in the 2019 Lucozade commercial “New Energy Beats Everything”. Upbeat with a more electronic/ house feel, you can still get your fill of those killer horns and the “clap your hands” vocals, plus some housey synth stabs top get the dance floor moving. While we definitely prefer the original in this case, we are not going to lie because this moved us a bit. We’ll be giving it a try on the dance floor this weekend, so we can let you know how the crowd takes it. Listen to the track and order it after the stream. Hopefully we’ll get it on a 45 at some point. Wink, wink, nudge AOTN. No clap your hands because you can win.

Get the track here.

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