PREMIERE: Los Aggrotones feat. Derrick Harroitt – In The Rain

Starting the week off right for us is an important thing. We need to start it off with some dope music. So why not start your week right with some dope, brand new music as well? Today we are premiering the latest track from Argentina’s Los Aggrotones. Led by Kevin Fingier, Los Aggrotones come correct with their experimental and instrumental early reggae sounds, have been making people move for four albums. Working with such reggae luminaries such as Freddie Notes and Pat Kelly, as well as many other notables, they have now linked up with super reggae star and rude boy Derrick Harriott for their newest single “In The Rain”.

This song certainly became our favourite of the album for all these things. Derrick
Harriott finally sings In The Rain, over a heavy dub riddim with a vibraphone and a Rhodes the classy sound that a song like this and a singer like this deserve. -Kevin Fingier,

Inspired by the Billy Wooten song of the same name, it’s got a heavy dub sound, full of echo and heavy bass. Los Aggrotones take this moody instrumental and have the man himself (who is no stranger to dub either) lay some soulful vocals down over top. It’s a sad song, but what real soul isn’t? Hiding tears while walking in the rain, it doesn’t get sadder than that. The track is superbly dub wise, and there is even a fantastic vibes solo, further proving the prowess of the band itself (the band would challenge themselves by recording with instruments that have not recorded before on this record). Like the collaboration this past year with Reynaldo Domino x Lone Ranger on the Happy As A Lark label, this Derrick Harriott collaboration on Acid Jazz Records is showcasing these reggae greats to a whole new audience of rudies all over the world. This is most certainly a top notch track and production. Check out the song below and pre-order the full length from the link after the stream.

Pre-Order the Lp Right Now here.

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