DJ Format: Saturday Night Theme b/w Freak Show

We are all ears when the mature B-Boy aka DJ Format drops something new. While working on a new, down tempo, all instrumental record, he drops two new tracks that are upbeat and club friendly. “Saturday Night Theme” is a guitar driven, heavy percussed, freak fest that is sure to get the party started where ever you are. With cuts by the man himself, this theme is indeed for a Saturday night, but let’s face it, with those strings included it could be a party starter any time of the cot damn week. Format knows how to craft a track, and when he puts it all together, dance floors and turntables light up. The flip “Freak Show”, is just that. A freak filled aural excursion. Super high tempo with a lot of freakiness going on (I swear there is a psychedelic harmonica in there somewhere). This one is for the B-boys and B-Girls, as it’s just got that up rocking, windmill turning, high stepping beat to it. With a rather large open drum break, you’ll need two copies if you want to extend this groove my friends. With enough gas in the tank, these two records will be highly coveted weapons of choice for those B-Boy battles for sure. BTW, check the design from Mr. Krum, who does up this label quite nicely. Check out both sides of the record below and order the 45, which is ready to ship now.

Get the record here.

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