Mighty Mocambos – Preaching To the Choir

New music from one of the coolest bands to ever do it, Mighty Mocambos. They’ve made music under many names (most recently as Bacao Steel & Rhythm Band on the Big Crown label), made a slew of funky records in many genres, but their core and their funky being is always Mighty Mocambos. This explosive forty five is from their new record 2066 , which features everyone from veteran Lee Fields to MC JSwiss to Peter Thomas to Gizelle Smith to Ice-T to Mocambo Kidz and more. The first single we hear is “Preaching To The Choir”, featuring the very talented Nichola Richards on percussion. It is one of those tracks that when you first hear the needle drop, you know it’s going to be a hit. Not just a hit in the sense of radio or streaming play, but this will be a B-Boy/ B-Girl anthem and a dance floor fire starter for years to come. There is no way you can not sit still to this gem. You see, Mighty Mocambos know exactly the formula to keep it innovative and funky. This one is a call to arms to get your body moving. Deep bass lines, horns for days, and a back beat that will keep them uprocking until the lights go on, “Preaching To The Choir” is that tune. Always good to see a band that has been breaking down barriers and putting out consistent dope records raise the bar even higher. Exactly what we need in music today. Check out the track below and the video for it after the stream.

Video for “Preaching To The Choir”

Get the record here.

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