Rub A Dub Revolution

In their quest to expose the best reggae music and culture, Pressure Sounds has once again joined forces with the one and only Bunny Lee for another tour de force compilation that digs deep into Jamaican culture. A time capsule that brings out the best of the best and a snapshot of what it was like to be there, Rub A Dub Revolution delves into Lee’s rub a dub work from the late 1970’s until the mid 1980’s. With much tumult and violence in Kingston in the latter part of the ’70’s, the people were ready to break free from this (if one could get around shootings, home made bombs, and constant violence in the streets). The dancehalls were slowly returning and new singers and dee jays would start to flock to them with a new style and sound. Rub A Dub Soldiers, who spoke to the people in their own language, told tales of the every day problems of the ghetto, humorous sex tales, and more. Fueled by the backing tracks of the Roots Radics band, the mixing of Scientist, plus the inclusion of Henry “Junjo” Lawes (who had some financial contributions and more), the drum and bass rub a dub sound was in the air. Bunny Lee quickly built up his quiver of musical arrows by loading up with younger artists to go side by side with veterans he already had like Johnny Clarke and Cornell Campbell, procuring tunes for the people. Jamaican music was transforming in front of everyone’s eyes, and this music that spoke to the people in a way only they could hear and understand is sometimes overlooked. Pressure Sounds brings you tracks from The Paragons, Simple Simon, Papa Tullo, Purpleman, Don Carlos, Frankie Jones, Badoo, and more. 12″ mixes and previously unreleased material fill up this two Lp set and double CD (with three bonus cuts). The project also comes with extensive liner notes from Diggory Kenrick as well as an extensive interview with Bunny Lee. Stream the Lp below and order the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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