Jorge Navarro – Funk Yourself

Ending the week off on a funky high note, we’ve got something that from the Never On A 45 Series today. Mukatsuku Records again go above and beyond the call of duty and grab two, hand selected rare groove tracks from 1977. If funk fusion is your bag, then the Argentinian musician Jorge Navarro is exactly what you need. The A-Side, “Funk Yourself” is a funk monster. Shades of Blaxploitation movies, high energy Hammond organ business, horns, a little latin flavor sprinkled here and there, and a feel like you were getting chased by some crime boss all over the city with this playing in the background. Truly a stellar track. Most definitely a keeper! The flip, “Repartamos El Funky” is a bit more on the laid back tip, with more keys, horns, and guitar taking you on a slow ride of funkiness. Very Herbie Hancock-esque, this groove is one that Navarro locked in and could keep going for days. Both of these tracks come from the Navarro Con Polenta Lp. A hidden gem for sure. They have a knack for pulling out the right tracks that are known (and unknown) and getting them to the masses. If you are excited about this record, then you’re right to be. This particular 45 by Mukatsuku is hand numbered and will not be repressed! So in other words, get moving before it’s gone.

Check out both of the tracks here:

Get the record from Mukatsuku here.

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