Plants Dub – Music From The Trees

And the most interesting dub record of the year goes to Plant Dub. This art project from a collective out of Lecce, Italy was formed by light designer and art historian Maria Teresa Santoro, DJ, producer Francesco Andriani De Vito aka Dubin, and producer and master of the dub Andrea Presicce aka NoFinger Nails. In a no holds barred science meets music match, the trio have been able to connect bio-acoustic researches and music (electronic and bass culture) via plants. Recording plant sounds with a very special device that translates the plant’s electrical impulses to sounds, they’ve managed to communicate via this music between plants and humans via sampling and synths. Recording these sounds over a year plus period, Music From The Trees was born. “Acanthus Mollis” is the track we get to sample from the project. Electronic based dub (you’ll not hear Scratch saying “Ok. Ok let’s take it from here”), but a combination of real life sounds translated by the three, and along with various ambient sounds, feel the bass. The overall project leans on the side of new dub, or heavy bass mixed with electronica, but you don’t have to be a purist to realize that this is some good music….generated by plants. All you need is dub they say, and Plants Dub do produce some heavy stuff for you to chill with. Listen to “Acanthus Mollis”, and as always, we’d love to see this on vinyl. Available October 19th via Pregnant Void. Ciao stabilimenti!

Pre-order the album here.

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