PREMIERE: Sulu and Excelsior – AntiMatter

Today we have an upbeat slice of life single from Sulu and Excelsior. A veteran of the NYC music scene for more than twenty years Steven E. Mallorca aka Sulu also makes magic with the band P.I.C. (Pimps In Charge, Prince Is Cool, etc.). P.I.C has been a staple on the music scene in the Lower East Side (Parkside Lounge represent!), always putting on a good, high energy live show that features rappers, DJs, and a cavalcade of characters that have been in that scene for as long as he’s been making music. His other project, Sulu and Excelsior also makes excellent music. The latest musical delight is the track “AntiMatter” from the upcoming long player The AntiMatter Suite due out on November 15th. Uplifting, soulful, and just what you need to get the weekend started right, Sulu follows suit of his previous releases, raising the tempo and the bar for the listener to get down to in any way they see fit. Producing, arranging, and composing the whole project, he pulls double duty on the vocals/ rapping as well as playing all the instruments himself. He gets some sonic help on this track with scratches from the super talented Masaki Yamagata (DJ Mas), but also collabs with some long time P.I.C. extended family in players Adam Charity, Joel Bernardo, and Hiro-a-key among others on the full length. This one really made our day. Always rooting for the little guy, we have always seen big things for Sulu and his releases. This is another great one. Sulu and Excelsior make positive music 100%. They transfer that energy from the vinyl/ tape and bring it to the live show, which we highly recommend if you’re in the NYC area when they are performing. As a matter of fact, Sulu and Excelsior will be playing live on November 15th at The Parkside Lounge in the LES, NYC. Check them out, you won’t be sorry.

Listen to the single “AntiMatter” below:

Buy the project here, out November 15th.

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