The Du-Rites: Mad Dog

Wasting no time in getting back to making fresh music after their recent live record release, The Du-Rites hit us once again with another funk forty five for the dome. “Mad Dog” b/ “Cheap Cologne” goes back to the essence of this band, with not just one, but two funk heaters for the champions of funk around the globe. The A-side, “Mad Dog” is an instrumental of epic proportions that include a heavy ass bass line, polyrhythmic drums, and a cavalcade of weird, analog synthesizers, organs with distortion, tambourines, and and greasy Pablo Martin guitar that at times, grabs some psychedelic moods and throws it right back in your face! This is the sound The Du-Rits are known for. Funky, heavy, and in their own lane, we’re happy for them to be here once again. This track is a dance floor groover, it’s got a funky beat, and you can bug out to it. On the flip, “Cheap Cologne”, an ode to cheap fragrances like Canoe and Hai Karate as well as the banter on the 1970 classic jam by Kool & The Gang “Funky Man”, the boys take distorted vocals and a fine ass backbeat to cook up some late-night, mid-tempo stewy goodness and let the groove take over on this one. Fans of obscure, fuzzy funk with tough drums will appreciate this side. It’s definitely back to their sound on these two sides for the hardest working two-man funk band in NYC. Because this sound is what put them on the map: F-U-N-K. Believe that. We for sure appreciate their nods to Jersey City’s best in Kool & the Gang, but even further appreciate that Du-Rites sound all together. You don’t know now, but you gonna learn one day. Du-Rites baby.

Get the record, out on Old Maid Ent./ Ilegalia here.

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