FREE DOWNLOAD: The M-Tet – Ray Ban

Today’s goodness come from the killers of wah-wah, deep beats, and Hammond frenzy known as The M-Tet. What they’ve given us today is number one, a new single in “Ray Ban Part 2. Number two, they’ve included all of the stems you’ll need if you are a producer, beat enthusiast, or MPC champion to grab what you need and make something out of it. That’s right, they are giving you stems for free. In the words of the band themselves:

This is some serious Plan 9 From Outer Space shit right here.

Crazy freakout guitar wizardry from Joe Baer Magnant, bass from the one and only Chris Lujan, Gary Pittman on the Hammond Organ, and Michael Reed on the boom-bap, this one is a definite keeper just on the music alone. Add the stems in for all those bedroom and let’s face it, name-brand producers, we know you’re reading (you can admit it, it’s cool), and on the real real you have something special. The M-Tet are super adept at giving us soul jazz, heavy funk, and psychedelic funk whenever they see fit. On the top of the new West Coast heavy, heavy funk sound, (we’ll call them ministers of this sound), you heard this track here first. Stop fronting and get your funk fix today. If you see fit, make some beats and don’t forget to credit these chaps because they deserve it. Listen to the track on the stream. Download the track. Paly it loud. Grab the stems and have a ball. The M-Tet is in the building.

Get the release here.

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