Flevans (feat. Laura Vane) – Mr. Right

Shaking it down Shakedown Street today with Flevans feat. Laura Vane (MJ Cole, The Streets) and “Mr. Right” b/w “Speculate”. Jalapeno Records are known for really putting the boogie in your butt in a variety of ways, and this one is strutting down the avenue like Fat Larry after payday. It’s a groove that definitely makes you move, and before you know it you’ll be picking that needle up again and dancing all over this track once more. The South Coast Uk multi-instrumentalist Flevans is back at it and in your face along with Laura Vane on this track. “Mr. Right” can not be Mr. Wrong on this belter of A-side. Did someone say Chaka Khan? Because even though we haven’t, her influence is all over this track, dripping with boogie funk goodness. It’s got some pop elements throughout, which is not the worst thing. It’s catchy, and when people like Craig Charles, Don Letts, and the like are giving Flevans the cosign, you know that he’s doing something right. Oh yeah, and there are some Prince vibes in there as well, which do not hurt anyone (well, maybe if you dance a bit too hard). Synthy and some slap bass in your face for days, we’ve got a mover on our hands in “Mr. Right”. The flip, “Speculate” is no slouch either. Giving off some heavy Afro-beat vibes that dart straight to an all-out dance floor hype track, Flevans hits the back of the old onion bag with this side as well. More bounce to the ounce people, there’s heat in those grooves. Listen to both of the tracks below.

Get the track here.

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