Danvers – Light Movements

We are not ones to sleep in or stay in bed under the covers on a Monday, and, if you have that “I’m just gonna stay in bed all day” feeling, we’ve got some new music here at Flea Market Funk that is sure to get you up and moving. Joe Danvers has been a busy man. While releasing records on Boogie Cafe, FINA Records, and Wotnot, the artist/ producer and label owner (co-founder of Curve Records with Luke Campion & Mike Wilkin of Fact / Vinyl Factory) and half of the smash group Kassian has managed to give us a four track EP called Light Movements. This batch of tracks has a bit of something for every dance music fan in your life. The title track “Light Movements” is a flurry of synth stabs and large kick drums, stripped down as far as the ear can hear, super catchy and effective for the dance floor. The track that has been on repeat for us though, is “Devotional”. Featuring the sultry vocals of Natalie May and a warm Fender Rhodes throughout, this bubbler screams feel good. We are absolutely emotional and devotional for this track. “The Flex” is the big bass track on here, just massive running through from start to finish. Always wait for the closer, because our second fave track on the EP is “Calmer: featuring the don dada T.Williams. With a lickle bit of jazz and a lot of beat, this minimalist flurry of drums, as well as the sax, prove once again that less is more. Danvers and The CoOp Crew have really put it together nicely on this one. On the whole, this is a solid effort closing down 2019 for the man. 2020 is right around the corner and are hearing big tings g’wan for Danvers. Stay tuned. In the meantime, nod your head to this.

Get the record here.

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