Spotlight On: Old Pal Provisions

Always on a quest to represent some fresh gear, we’ve got a company that we have been feeling for a minute that we think is a sweet alternative to the hypebeast culture that’s running rampant from Millenials to Soccer dads everywhere. Meet Old Pal Provisions. Their mission is simple: ” to offer a collection of quality, artisan goods built for the free spirits who enjoy the higher side of life.” With a variety of designs that run the gamut from bucket hats to pocket tees to buttons to home goods to beach towels to prints and more, we’re really feeling the down to that good earth vibe that Old Pal is spreading around. Made for a community that loves nature and adventure (and cannabis), these purveyors of fine provisions are ready to help to boost your mood, inspire your creative mind, and make your home into its best self. Their collection is created by friends, neighbors, and lovers of the lifestyle. One of the biggest things that go into each piece of merchandise is good, old fashion love, which we really feel the world needs now more than ever.

Besides the provisions, we are really stoked to see that they’ve given back to the world. In fact, what drew us originally to this brand was their “Legalize Humanity” campaign. Believing that everyone in the world ‘deserves to live with dignity and the support of humans, the sum of the profits from their Legalize Humanity campaign will go directly to a charitable organization that creates some positive change in our world. These will go to the Border Action Network for Human Rights. So if you’re looking for an alternative to what everyone else is wearing, Old Pal Provisions is one cosmic trip for all the heads out there. Check out some of their digital shorts below and open your mind with some of these elevated goods.

Old Pal Digital Doobie

Old Pal x Mikael Kennedy

Old Pal Open Swim

Check out their site here.

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