DJ Format & The Simonsound: The Peruvian b/w Holy Thursday

When it comes to hip hop, its origins and everything that goes with it, the name DJ Format is always at the forefront. Making music for the mature B-Boy and for those everywhere in between, he seems to have the right formula for exactly what DJs. breakers and beat heads are looking for. The same with The Simonsound. Their solo work and work together on wax (and live) have given us so much joy in the past. That being said, they are both back with two new tracks. They’re cover songs of two classics: “The Mexican” by Babe Ruth, now dubbed “The Peruvian”, and “Holy Thursday” by David Axelrod. They started working on these tracks in 2011, eventually getting to their own set of projects and abandoning the project for a while. Thankfully they were both revisited and finally finished up. “The Peruvian” was inspired by a record found in Tokyo which sounded like the guitar riff on the original version of “The Mexican”. They both put their heads together, further explored what they started, and got a bit heavy with the track. We thought Jellybean’s cover was crazy good, this one is the wildest ever! The flip, one of our fave Axe tunes, “Holy Thursday”, was originally stopped due to not being able to find the best drum break that could compete with Earl Palmer’s original heavy monster sound. Chop, chop chop with the beats and they couldn’t get a sound they wanted at all. The two finally went into a totally different direction with a vintage drum machine in the mix. The same machine was used on the “Nautilus” track from 2008’s Reverse Engineering. All Dick Hyman and happy moog on this one, the Ax would for sure be proud. DJ Format and The Simonsound have both come up with two more bangers. 500 copies world wide, then they are gone. Impressive artwork by the immaculate Mr. Krum once more! Listen to both tracks below:

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