The Como Mamas – Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand b/w You’ve Got To Move

Coming through like the good Lord would want them to, The Como Mamas are back once again with another terrific forty five on the Daptone Records imprint. If you’ve not gotten too far into gospel funk or soul, you might want to get cozy with the catalog of these fine women who make some of the best kind of this music around. Featuring The Glorifiers Band, their latest single “Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand ” is a slice of funky soul on the religious tip and really fits in your Sunday rotation on the turntable, but let’s get serious for a second. This record will brighten up even the dreariest of times any day of the cot damn week. A song about faith, hope, and holding on to something you believe, the track is dynamite in so many ways. The guitar and organ work are superb, and with the simplicity of the vocals and music combined, it’s another winner out of the Daptone stable. This is the kind of record that is funky and soulful on many levels. Harmonies galore, there is no doubt, that despite not being a secular track, it hits you hard. Whether they are singing about God or not (most likely the former), this trio of Southern sirens can wail out a tune in a big way. Don’t believe us? Check out their discography, but for now, play this thing a few times and try to change your own mind. Heavy stuff right before the end of the year from the label that laid the foundation and just keeps going and going and going. Listen to the track below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record, available 12/6 via Daptone Record here.

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