Shawn Lee & Paul Elliot – Mexican Marimba

What we have today are two deep pieces of music that will not only brighten your musical horizons, but hopefully have you digging further into the library music genre. When the duo of Shawn Lee and Paul Elliot made their way around the globe to promote The Library Music Film, they not only got to interview history’s finest and most talented composers, musicians, and producers making music for radio, films. television and the like, but they got to go into places like Telecine Sound Studio in Rome, Studio CBE in Paris, Piero Umiliani’s Sound Workshop Studio in Rome, and Angel Studios in London among others. Both are very talented musicians, and of course, being in these houses of the holy sparked some impromptu jams. These two tracks are a result of those jams. The “Mexican Marimba” side was started in Rome at maestro Umiliani’s Sound Workshop Studio, and “French Attack” took shape as Elliot played some improvisational piano and Lee on the drums (a scene shown in The Library Music Film). The pair would go on to finish the tracks in Lee’s London studio and were included in the movie score. Here we have both tracks in all their glory for the first time available to the public. So basically you can have a piece of this film right on your turntable. Both are super dope library tracks, with characteristics and beats that fit not just into the film, but right along the path Lee & Elliot have been laying down their whole careers. There is a reason these two made this film, they were destined to do it. Stream both of the tracks below and purchase the record after the stream. Hot, Hot heat from these two funk slingers once again for the win.

Get the record here on LeGere Recordings.

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